Blood Collection

Collection done by experienced and qualified phlebotomists with home blood collection facility. All tests are carried out after running quality controls on each machine. Both external and internal quality controls are run. Quality controls are checked by senior staff. Tests are carried out only after the controls are proper. Values are directly interfaced from instruments. Therefore human error is considerably reduced.


Biochemical tests are done by Erba Chem5 and Chem7 analyzers and electrolytes are measured by Easylyte analyzer.
The Erba Chem 7 and Chem 5 are compactly designed, next generation clinical chemistry analyzer ideal for medium sized laboratories for reliable and accurate reporting.
EasyLyte analyzer is a completely automated, microprocessor-controlled electrolyte system that uses ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to make electrolyte measurements.
The EasyLyte product line measures combinations of Na + , K + , Cl – , Li + , Ca ++ , and pH in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine.


Heamatology is done by SYSMEX fully automated blood cell counter with differential and complete Blood Count Automated Hematology Analyzer could analyze 20 parameters in both Whole blood (WB) mode and Pre-diluted (PD) mode which analysis parameters are below- WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, LYM%, MXD%, NEUT%, LYM#, MXD#, NEUT#, RDW- SD, RDW-CV, PDW, MPV, PCT, P-LCR


Immunology is done by RADIANCE automated chemiluminescence immunoassay(CLIA) .Radiance, automated chemiluminescence (CLIA) plate analyzer is designed to offer total independence in immunoassay testing and fulfills all the requirements of a mid-sized clinical laboratory. Radiance provides accurate and fast reports which helps in gaining clinician’s confidence. Radiance is compatible with AccuLite reagent platform which facilitates the user to perform more than 30 analytes from a single kit. The Radiance - AccuLite combination is designed to reduce the technology gap, cost gap and performance gap.


Done by LISASCAN Elisa Plate Reader A versatile, automated microplate ELISA & microbiology Reader Erba LisaScan EM can perform various ELISA tests with elaborate reports.